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09 March 2020 - Updated Protocols on Keeping you Comfortable and Safe During your Routine Visit to our Office

North Georgia Internal Medicine is continuing to have positive feedback from patients and experiencing reduced wait times in the waiting room, with the wide adoption of our "pre-check-in" - whereby patients can complete their check-in on their phones after receiving a prompt from the office prior to arriving at the office. While this has dramatically reduced the traffic in our waiting room, we are going one step further to maximize your care while contacting as few people as possible.

Our goal is for every patient to only have contact with the physician/PA and the medical assistants during their entire stay in the office. To achieve this goal, we are expanding our very well received protocol for using your car as your own waiting room to include ALL visit types including well visits, follow up visits, nurse visits, lab visits, bone density visits and acute care visits.

  • Patients will use their cars as their waiting room.

  • When you arrive for your appointment, please stay in your car and text us at 678-494-4450 with your name and date of birth upon your arrival (alternatively please call if you do not use text communication).

  • As soon as a room becomes available, we will have you go directly from your car to the exam room, phlebotomy room, or bone density room.

  • Out of an abundance of caution, we are asking that family members of patients do not accompany the individual into the medical office unless the patient clearly requires assistance.

  • All patients should prepare for their visit with our "pre-check-in". Prior to every visit, our patients receive a link sent to their phones. It is important for all patients to complete all possible prompts and questions prior to arriving to the office.

  • If you are sick and are scheduled to come to our office for labs, kindly call the office and we will reschedule your lab appointment.

  • Additionally, we continue to make every possible effort to promptly work patients into the schedule that wish to be seen, but request that our sick patients avoid walk-ins (coming to the office without an appointment) at this time. In the unlikely event that you become sick after contact with someone with known Coronavirus/COVID-19 infection or after travel from China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, or Japan we ask that you call our office and our providers will arrange all appropriate testing.

North Georgia Internal Medicine will continue to monitor in real time all available updates from the CDC as well as the WellStar and Northside Hospital systems. The CDC updates are available to the public at

We thank you for helping all our well-patients, some of whom are older and have important medical conditions.


Providers and staff at North Georgia Internal Medicine and North Georgia Osteoporosis Center

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