Lending a Helping Hand

The best care

Our services include complete evaluation and treatment of:
Arthritis (joint & musculoskeletal conditions)
Lipid/cholesterol abnormalities
Osteoporosis management
Allergy & immune-related questions
Blood disorders
Depression, anxiety & mood disorders
Gastrointestinal concerns
Dermatologic conditions
Infectious diseases
Neurological signs & symptoms
Sinus, ear, nose & throat disorders
Thyroid conditions/metabolism/energy
Urogenital & kidney diseases
Weight assessment & management

Preventive screening and cancer care: 
Gynecologic (examinations & PAP Smears)
Prostate evaluations

Arteriosclerosis/heart disease/stroke risk assessment: 
Cholesterol profiling and treatment
Carotid doppler screening

Respiratory concerns: 
Pulmonary function testing (spirometry)
Oxygen measurement (pulse oximetry)
Respiratory conditions/tobacco cessation guidance

Women’s services: 
Osteoporosis (bone density) measurement and management
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Hormone replacement therapy
Gynecologic (examinations & PAP smears)

Special services: 
Comprehensive laboratory services
Injections/local procedures
Lifestyle counseling/diet and exercise modification